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Returned 2 days ago from a Disneyland trip with the grandboys.  We had fun!  Weather was pretty cold the first day but got better as the days went on.  Grandboy #2 got to ride Indiana Jones for the 1st time (he's a short guy and there's a height requirement) and he liked it--after almost not going because he was scared.  He also rode the Matterhorn once, but wouldn't go on it again because the Yeti was "too realistic."  ;-D  Matterhoen doesn't have seat sharing anymore, so he sat in front of me and I told him I'd hold onto his shoulders, but once we were seated, he wanted to hold my hands, so I rode with my arms around the shoulder/head bumper bars, and now I have bruises on both forearms.  But it was worth it.

On our last trip to Disneyland in September, I was still not doing well with my illness. I remember getting so tired in the afternoons I was just done.  I also remember getting up in the mornings and hardly able to take a step because my muscles were so sore and tight.  What a difference this trip!  I didn't get more tired than usual, my legs and feet didn't get sore.  I did pretty well finding food to eat, although by the time we left, I was heartily sick of salads.  I took hard boiled eggs and avocados for breakfast and a lot of grass-fed beef sticks and bananas.

All in all a successful trip.  But it's nice to be home.    

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I'm glad that you're doing well enough now to enjoy the trip.

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