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Musing Aloud

Pam's thoughts on writing and life

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Hidden Figures
You guys.  This movie.  If you haven't seen it yet, go see it right now.  It serves as a reminder of how people can let stupidity overrule their conscience and hearts.  It's a reminder of how far we've come.  It's  reminder that no one should ever be put into a box and forced to settle for the status quo.  Especially if you're a woman under forty, go see this movie and try to understand how women were held down by society.  And then to add the color of their skin as a further strike against them is beyond words.

I'm so proud of those women and how they stood up for themsevles (and some of you may think they didn't stand up quite enough, but you have to understand the mindset from back then and how pigeonholed everything was).  I'm so proud of the book's author for uncovering this story and bringing it to the light. The actors were amazing.

I cried so many times during this movie.  I cried for the injustices and the humiliating experiences.  I cried with joy and pride when they made small in-roads against prejudice.  I cried for the men in power who realized the wrongness and tried as best they could to make amends and break rules.  I cried for their successes and how every little step carried women further along the road to equality.  Yes, there's still a long ways to go, but oh, the strides that have been made!

Best moments -- when the Director (played by Kevin Costner) goes to the segregated women's area and knocks down the "colored women's restroom" sign and then tells his crew that they "all pee the same color."  I wanted to cheer.

Ok, no more spoilers.  GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!  And take your sons and daughters, so they can understand how stupid it is to base an assessment on someone's worth or intelligence by the color of their skin or their sex.  Empower your children and teach them that we must never go that way again.