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Musing Aloud

Pam's thoughts on writing and life

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Today I yoga'ed and felt better!
Yoga-ing:The mornings have been rough lately.  My weight dropped again and I've been working *really* hard at trying to gain, but it's just not working. Mornings I feel depleted and when I do eat, it's like my body doesn't know what to do with the food.  I end up weepy and depressed.  And this is after yesterday, when I felt strong and like I was getting back on track.  NO FAIR!  Anywho, I ran to Costco this morning for a few things and got home just in time to make it to yoga.  But I also got home really tired like all I wanted to do was go lie doe. I was worried that going to yoga would only deplete me further and end up making me feel worse, plus worried I wouldn't be able to last through the class or make all the poses.  But go I did, and as often happens with yoga, I wa really glad I did once I got there.  Sometimes after the first 20 or 30 minutes of yoga, I'm hating it and watching the clock to see how much longer, but today was fine.  When we got to the more serious harder poses and flows, I was hanging in there.  Turns out it was just what i needed.  You can just never figure!

Journalling: I didn't look at my bullet journal much this last week.  That's how things go for me--I get all enthused and OCD about something and then next thing I know, I'm over it.  Although I'm not over the bullet journal yet--this last week, it was more that I felt like I knew everything I had down to do, so there was no need to actually open the journal to look at it!  Famous last mistake, right?I'm still liking it though, I just need to look at it every morning while I'm planning out my day.

The plan for dinner tonight -- salmon, fresh spinach and something else.  Maybe zucchini, maybe salad.  I broke rank today, too.  I just snuck in the pantry and had a handful of fritos.  I couldn't stand it.  We'll see how the gut reacts.  Steroids are tapering down to 1 per day for the next two weeks and then a week of just 1/2.  Then I'm done.  We'll see what happens after that.

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(Deleted comment)
Sometimes its hard to keep pushing, but in the end there's really no other choice.

I know how you feel. I have to be on a low fat diet and sometimes it gets too much when the house is full of biscuits, chocolate, and a thousand types of cheese.

Yes! And not fair to the SO to only keep food around that *you* can eat, either. Temptation is sometimes really easy to resist, especially when you know there's going to be consequences. And there's those times where you say hell with the consequences! ;-D

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