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Musing Aloud

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Eye tic!
Ugh! Woke this morning with a jumping nerve in one eye.  Not as bad as I've had them before as far as frequency of the tic, but stronger in intensity, so that when it does happen, it feels like it's pulling my eye downward at the inner corner and I lose focus out of that eye.  Annoying!  Thank goodness it only happens maybe once a hour or half hour, not constantly shivering and jumping like others I've had.  I wonder what causes these stupid things.  Must be some kind of muscle tension/cramp/strain because if I squint or strain to see something, it can set it off.

Watched "Into the Forest" on dvd last night.  I'd read the book and enjoyed it.  It's a quiet sort of movie, like the book was, so I don't know if someone who hadn't read the book would enjoy the movie as much?  The movie was very close to the book and the acting was really good, so it was nice to see the story brought to visual life.

I'm at a point of really craving carbs and sweets.  In fact, I've cheated yesterday and today by eating 1/3 of a gluten free sconce each day.  I spent an hour or so on Pinterest yesterday afternoon looking at AIP friendly treats and can't wait to try some later on today.  Most are no-bake truffly types of goodies.  The one I want to try first is a coconut cranberry.  Most use coconut oil, milk, coconut and no sugar.  Will post the recipe if it turns out.  

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(Deleted comment)
Jumping eyes! SOOOOOO annoying! ;-D Gone today, thank goodness.

I get the eye thing, I think it's stress and/or eye strain.

Yeah, I think so, too. It feels like the nerve has a mind of it's own!

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