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AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) Diet
So. For those following along (and also, not sure how much I've disclosed), I've been battling a nasty case of UC (ulcerative colitis) for the past nine months.  And this follows a previous 3+ year span of battling diverticulitis, for which I had a bowel resection in Fall of 2014.  My gut and I are not friends at this point.  I can't get it under control, can't get a consistent well period.  Most days have some sort of issue.  Most of it isn't debilitating except in the long run.  When you don't feel well every single day, it wears on your psyche. Plus the gut is where a lot of the feel-good serotonin is manufactured, so when the gut isn't doing its job, it affects emotions. I'm on a third round of steroids, and the next step is the Big Boy agents, which I don't want to do because A) side effects, and B) cost.  But at this point, I've got to do something. I keep losing weight and I'm at the point of not having anything more to lose.

I've been following gluten-free diet since I was diagnosed, because I know people that have had great results with their UC by cutting out gluten.  But that hasn't done the trick.  So now I'm at the point of AIP, which is basically a Paleo diet, except even more severe. No grains at all.  Also no eggs, nightshade plants, dairy, gluten, and seeds.  So basically, meat and veggies and a few fruits.  Incorporating a low FODMAP diet with this means cutting out more of the veggies.  I focus on protein and veggies.  I haven't cut out eggs because they've turned into a comfort food for me and I don't think they bother me.  Cutting out my morning oatmeal was hard though.  I did have some rice the night before last and yesterday my stomach was acting up all day, so now I'm wondering if rice is a culprit.  I'll wait a week or so and try some again.  Hard to tell if it was still a reaction to the barium from my CT the other day, too.

Anywho. If you have any kind of autoimmune disorder, it's worth looking into, I think.  I've been pinning a ton of things on Pinterest (search AIP, Paleo, or Whole 30 for recipes and info).  Here's my AIP board.

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