Pam (musingaloud) wrote,

Recommended Stories I've recently read

Stories I've read that I *highly* recommend:

"Journey's End," by Christine Lucas, at Daily Science Fiction (emailed on Dec. 1, check the website in one week).

I LOVE this story.  It's so well-written.  Read this line, and see how much it conveys in a minimum of words:  "His voice is weary, hoarse, the dust of countless roads lining his throat and lungs."  Loved that.  And the beginning drew me in right away:  "And did you find God, stranger?" Aisa asks, scrubbing the shirt she's washing harder. There's a persistent tint of guilt around the collar that the river waters won't clean.
-- Guilt, in a shirt?  Gotta read further for that concept, I said.  It's flash length, so a quick read, but very satisfying.  Congrats to Werecat! 

"Salt Brides," by Shira Lipkin at Abyss & Apex
One of my favorite lines:  "What are we thinking, tearing magic from the sea to darn our socks?"  It's a haunting, beautiful tale, and the ending left me with a very satisfied feeling.  It's also flash length, but read as a true story in entirety.  I won't give it away, because it took me a few paragraphs to weasel out the plot, but that was part of the satisfaction of the story. 

"Fleurs du Mal," by J. Kathleen Cheney at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue #56 (Nov. 18, 2010)

A dark fantasy wherein the main character's brother's health fades after meeting a beautiful and mysterious French woman.  The MC (I don't think we ever learn his name, as it's told in first person, but I may have missed it), a botanist, determines to show his brother how treacherous the woman is, but instead, he falls under her spell and then learns her secret, which both fascinates and repels him at the same time. 
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